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Bandwidth Consulting LLC was formed by Bryan J. Rader in 2007 to assist all types of Operators/Providers in their performance in the multi-family (MDU) market segment. The MDU marketplace represents approximately one-third of all U.S. housing (over 30 million units) and yet this consumer segment is not well targeted or well-served by most cable TV, broadband, digital voice, and wireless providers today.

There is a tremendous need in the marketplace today for service providers to improve their performance in this segment. This improvement can come in the form of higher penetration rates, higher average revenuer per user (ARPU), greater upsells of new services, and stronger marketing, promotion and customer care.

The MDU market consists of different types of housing across the U.S. There are apartment communities that are garden-style, high-rise, or mid-rise), private single-family communities and condominium communities (many that have their own homeowner association).

Mr. Rader formed Bandwidth Consulting to assist service providers in their efforts to be successful in this market. His experiences comes from all sides of this market – real estate owner/property management company (1990 – 1996) and leading cable TV/broadband service provider (1996 – 2006).

Bandwidth Consulting LLC was formed to fill this tremendous “knowledge gap” in this highly lucrative consumer segment for all Operators. And the timing appears to be right because "every company needs more management bandwidth."

Watch an interview with Bryan Rader from the 2013 Broadband Communities conference in Dallas

Bryan's knowledge of the multi-family market is already paying dividends. Bandwidth Consulting has saved me money by eliminating the costly pitfalls associated with trying to go it alone... read more

Hal Rubin, President, SafetyNet Services

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