MDU Market

Do you know how big the multi-family market really is?

Roughly one out of three households live in an multi-family unit. There are over 23.1 Million housing units spread across 286,000 community associations, according to Community Associations Institute. (This has grown from 10,000 communities and 2.1 million residents in 1970).

Total multifamily unit starts in 2011 are expected to be 300,000 new units, and occupancy levels are growing nicely again. Renter household growth is occurring in markets all across the U.S.

With new offerings from telco providers, a greater emphasis from satellite companies, and an onslaught of new technologies, the MDU market is being targeted by everyone.

The MDU market - which includes rental units, condominium buildings, and private communities, has a large and diverse customer base. Many of these users are early adopters with significant disposable income. Other users include families, professionals, active retirees, and a growing number of international customers.

The MDU market is ideal for many service providers. But to be most effective, they must understand their customer's needs. Do you offer the right channels? The right broadband services? The right phone plans? Wireless? TV Everywhere?

According to Niellson, the average cable TV subscriber receives 104.2 cable channels in 2006, up from 41.1 channels just 11 years ago. However, the average subscriber only watches 15.7 of these channels today, up from 10.1 two years ago. Do you offer the right channels to your MDU subscribers?

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Ed Zamarripa, Vice President, BroadStripe

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