Our Approach

At Bandwidth Consulting, we have over twenty years of experience in the multi-family industry, both from the real estate and the operator perspective. This operational experience is critical in developing a successful and effective business plan for entering or improving your position in the MDU marketplace. While some companies add to their executive team in effort to address objectives, Bandwith provides a higher level of service and industry knowlege, without increasing headcount.

The objectives of Bandwidth Consulting LLC are to address key issues and challenges for our clients in this market segment. Some of them may be:

  • How can we drive greater penetration rates of our core products (cable TV, digital, broadband, premium services, etc.)?
  • How can we capture “non-users” on the apartment and condominium communities?
  • What marketing and promotional programs can we implement to improve the cable company’s economic performance in this market?
  • What do our MDU clients (real estate owners and HOAs) and subscribers (apartment and condominium residents) think of our products/services? What is our reputation?
  • Are we structuring our relationships with our MDU clients so that it is beneficial to their business? Are we meeting our clients’ needs?

We provide actionable, measurable results

We believe that what sets us apart is the tailored plan we create for your company, following extensive research of your specific situation, goals, objectives and initiatives. By engaging the consumer, users, owners and others directly involved with your service, we are able to offer you solid direction with actionable, meaningful and measureable results.

Our plan consists of five key points

1) Research the Situation, Market and Challenge
2) Define the Problem, Cause, Source and Issues
3) Determine Goals and Objectives for Your Company
4) Create Action Items
5) Measure results against Goals and Objectives

Bryan has been in this industry for years, has been a leader of this trade association and no one has a better and more in-depth understanding of the operations, technology and business management of private cable operators than he does. read more

Bill Burhop, Executive Director, IMCC

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