Our Approach: MDU Difference

Our approach is different because the MDU market is different.

Knowing the difference between the multi-dwelling unit and single-family markets is important. Using the same approach to multi-family as you use in single-family will lead to an unsuccessful outcome. Bandwidth understands the intricate differences in these two unique markets, and how to create a specialized approach that yields real results.

Many cable companies have traditionally treated the multi-family/MDU market segment the same way they have the single-family market. This approach has not been successful. Why? Consider the following market differences:

  • Single-family customers churn once every five years; multi-family customers churn every ten (10) to eighteen (18) months. Many MDU communities may experience an annualized turnover rate above 50% to 60%.
  • Single-family customers sign up directly when they move into an arena. There are not great methods to capture new customers. Multi-family customers sign leases, and are often instructed by leasing agents and property managers of which service providers to choose.
  • Multi-family customers tend to skew younger, with more disposable income.
  • They are often “early adopters of new technologies.”
  • A multi-family community may be less diverse than a single-family neighborhood, thereby providing greater opportunities for customizing marketing and customer service campaigns.
  • MDU customers may move frequently, are very mobile, and seek products that save time, are convenient, and provide good value.

Bryan understands the MDU space as well as anyone I know. As a former operator, he has great perspective on the industry and advising clients. He rolls up his sleeves and becomes part of the solution. read more

Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman & CSO, The Carmel Group

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