Our Approach: The Bandwidth Process

How We Begin

Bandwidth Consulting LLC provides the leadership for its clients to succeed in their efforts in the MDU marketplace. Bandwidth Consulting has extensive experience in this market segment that is real-world, in-the-battlefield, operational experience. We understand the various demographic sub-groups – from “young professionals” to “active retirees” to marrieds with small children.” Each resident profile is unique and has their own set of demands.

Bandwidth Consulting will provide management services to create and enhance your strategy. We will ask the following questions:

  • what demographic profile does your product appeal to?
  • What geography will you be most effective?
  • What is the best way to target your customer?
  • What attributes make your product attractive?
  • What is the right price-point? What are your competitive advantages?

Cable TV, broadband, digital voice, wireless, security and web portal services are very desirable to the MDU market. But different services are appealing to different customers. Consider the following:

  • active retirees who live in MDU communities are doubling their broadband usage rate every year.
  • young apartment residents are very unlikely to order dial-tone service, preferring wireless as their primary phone line.
  • Young families and roommates seek a wireless broadband network, and like the wireless portability for a busy family.

Creating A Plan

Bandwidth Consulting LLC will create a plan for your Company with specific goals, objectives and initiatives.

Our clients benefit because we do extensive research of the specific situation before putting our Plan together. We ask, what is working? What is not working? What are your leverageable strengths? What are your weaknesses? What is our competition doing in our markets?

Then we create the Plan. Specifically, the Bandwidth Plan addresses these Five (5) key points:

  1. Research the Situation/Market/Challenge (We speak to Customers, Users, Owners, Etc.)
  2. Define the Problem/Cause/Source/Issues
  3. Determine Goals/Objectives for Operating Company
  4. Create Action Items
  5. Measure Results Against Goals & Objectives

Most companies don’t have the time or resources to address specific MDU needs for their business. That’s why adding Bandwidth to your management team makes so much sense.

Bryan has been instrumental in helping us launch our PCO business. His depth of knowledge and industry contact has allowed us to grow very quickly. read more

David Erkman, CEO, SpeedCast

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