Our Approach: Success Stories

Bandwidth Consulting LLC has represented numerous providers and suppliers to the MDU industry over the past several years. Below are select examples of success stories from several of these engagements.

New Entrant

Bandwidth Consulting is frequently retained to assist new entrants into the MDU market. Recently, Bandwidth assisted a new start-up that sought to provide triple-play services in a specific large MDU market. The goal was to help the new provider create the product strategy, operations plan, technology delivery and sales program. "In less than a year, we went from a start-up with an idea to a triple-play provider with agreements to serve over 3,000 MDU units."

Business Development

Bandwidth Consulting LLC was retained to assist a cable operator in securing its MDU right-of-entry agreements and relationships in a large NFL town in the southeast. Through the engagement with Bandwidth, the cable company was able to re-structure its proposals, renew over 80% of its month-to-month agreements, and re-build on-site relationships through new marketing programs, incentives, and customer care initiatives. "Bandwidth lead our MDU efforts from start to finish, and put us on a better path to grow subscribership and maintain our market share."

Market Entry

Bandwidth Consulting was retained to assist a new bandwidth management company with its entry into the MDU/FTTH market. The supplier was well-established in other vertical markets - including traditional cable and independent telephone - but not yet established in this segment. Through an aggressive brand awareness plan, a strategy to reach market "influencers" and executing a targeted sales plan, the new entrant was able to develop new accounts, and gain a strong foothold into this competitive market. "We would not have accomplished this without the support and involvement of an established leader and recognized expert like Bandwidth Consulting."

Product Selection

Bandwidth Consulting was retained to develop unique applications in the areas of tele-learning, tele-medicine, and home automation for a leading FTTH service provider. By selecting the right products/services to fit this market, Bandwidth was able to create a menu of value-added services for this service provider that will increase revenue, and further develop loyalty among its users. "Bandwidth was key to making this happen."

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Gary Garland, Principal, The Garland Companies

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