Our Approach: Why Bandwidth

How well do you know the MDU customer?

Do you understand what priorities they place on the technologies you offer (or don't offer)? Are your products matching up to the needs of your users? What about your service? Do you receive high marks from your customers on the service that you provide? What do your non-customers think of you?

These types of questions lead to "answers." Bandwidth Consulting LLC has over fifteen years of experience in the multi-family industry both from the real estate perspective and the operator perspective. This operational experience is critical in developing the business plan to be successful and effective in entering, and/or improving your position in this marketplace.

So why add Bandwidth?

Some companies choose to hire or expand their executive team to address strategic or operational objectives. However, a significant executive head count addition can be costly, time-consuming, and often does not reap near-term or long-term rewards for your Company.

Bandwidth Consulting has real world experience in the MDU arena to be effective, responsive, and results-oriented in addressing executive-level needs. Adding management talent by engaging Bandwidth on a short-term basis can provide you with immediate measurable results, better strategic direction and positive impact to your Company.

The costs to engage Bandwidth Consulting are reasonable, and the benefits are significant.

I have known Bryan for many years both in his capacity as CEO of MediaWorks up to his current endeavors. Bryan has always worked exceedingly hard as a Cable Operator to make property owners happy and confident with their cable services... read more

Don Baumann, Senior Vice President,
AIMCO (largest apartment owner in U.S.)

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