Take a moment to read feedback we've received from satisfied current and past clients.

"Nulink Digital hired Bryan, and Bandwidth Consulting, to assist us in improving the performance of our MDU business in our market. He was very successful at extending and securing our service agreements for over 90% of our portfolio, helping us with our o-site and subscriber marketing campaigns, and in finding new opportunities in our footprint."

John Brooks, Founder and former CEO, Nulink Digital

"Bryan has been instrumental in helping us launch our PCO business. His depth of knowledge and industry contact has allowed us to grow very quickly."

David Erkman, CEO, SpeedCast

"Bryan has been in this industry for years, has been a leader of this trade association and no one has a better and more in-depth understanding of the operations, technology and business management of private cable operators than he does. He is respected by service providers and MDU/REIT/HOA managers alike because he is knowledgeable, honest and personable in all his dealings. That has been evidenced repeatedly by his real-world and practical insights into this market."

Bill Burhop, IMCC, Executive Director

"Bryan understands the MDU space as well as anyone I know. As a former operator, he has great perspective on the industry and advising clients. He rolls up his sleeves and becomes part of the solution."

Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman & CSO, The Carmel Group

"I want to offer my encouragement that you consider using Bryan, as I think he knows the MDU space better than anyone Iíve ever met. Brian Deevy and I had the opportunity to work with Bryan over the past two years. Bryan did a wonderful job of building and operating his cable TV business. As weíve continued to work in this space, we have come to appreciate that Bryanís long history and success in the business has earned him the respect of his competitors, real estate developers and HOAs. He has the ability to connect with people at all of these different levels, and his understanding of the peculiarities of the MDU space allows him to be creative and successful in structuring deals that work for all parties. Iím sure if you end up working with Bryan, you will find that he is real value added."

Mike Talamantes, Director, Daniels & Associates,
Leading Investment Broker for Cable TV Industry

"Bandwidth Consulting made great strides in our Seattle market over the past year. Bryan rolled up his sleeves and worked closely with our local staff. His efforts helped us identify opportunities and locate weak areas in our MDU universe. He has put us in a great situation moving forward. I was very pleased with Bandwidth's work, and would recommend their services to anyone in this industry."

Ed Zamarripa, Vice President, BroadStripe

"I have known Bryan for many years both in his capacity as CEO of MediaWorks up to his current endeavors. Bryan has always worked exceedingly hard as a Cable Operator to make property owners happy and confident with their cable services. Bryan has also always been honest and someone I could rely on in his dealings with me personally and our communities."

Don Baumann, Senior Vice President,
AIMCO (largest apartment owner in U.S.)

"Bryan has been a valuable advisor to one of our portfolio companies that provides triple-play services to MDUs. The combination of his entrepreneurial background, operational experience, and deep industry knowledge give him a unique ability to provide both tactical and strategic guidance."

Russ Howard, Managing Director, High Peaks Venture Partners

"Bryan is a great advocate for the broadband industry, an insightful observer, and of course a fine writer. Heís even better in person Ė tirelessly talking about the need for better customer service, and about how money spent on it will save in the long run. As founder of a PCO himself, heís walked the walk, not just talked the talk. We at BBP regard Bryan as one of the most important people in our industry. We also, well, just enjoy talking with him."

Steve Ross, Editor-in-Chief, Broadband Properties

"The results produced by Bandwidth Consulting have exceeded my expectations. Bryanís knowledge of the multi-family market is already paying dividends. Bandwidth Consulting has saved me money by eliminating the costly pitfalls associated with trying to go it alone and Iíve been able to bring my product to market faster because of Bryanís ability to open doors that were previously closed to me. If you need help tapping into this lucatrive market, Bandwidth Consulting has your answers."

Hal Rubin, President, SafetyNet Services

"Bryan's extensive knowledge of private cable operations was clearly value-added to my Boards deliberations. He has been a welcome resource for us. We found him to be a pleasant and patient person to work with. The net result of his effort on our behalf is that my community now has a state-of-the-art television and broadband system in place offering its residents a full range of services. We unequivocally endorse the consulting services of Bryan."

Coby Scherr, Chairperson,
Grosvenor Park Condominium (Bethesda, Maryland)

"[Bryan's] expansive vision of the multifamily technology industry... and real world experience... are just a few of the reasons why Multifamily.com, LLC engaged Mr. Rader and Bandwidth Consulting, LLC."

John R. Callahan, Managing Director, Multifamily.com, LLC

"Bryan understands todayís broadband technologies, and how to translate them into valuable bundled services that maximize customer satisfaction for the benefit of each individual apartment community."

Gary Garland, Principal, The Garland Companies

"We were looking for experts who could help us understand how to efficiently acquire new subscribers from the underpenetrated MDU market. Bandwidth Consulting helped us develop a customer base in an extraordinarily short amount of time that simply wouldn't have been possible using traditional prospecting methods. Working with Bandwidth Consulting deliver tops ROI."

John Pierce, Senior Vice President of Sales, InGrid Digital Home

"Bryan has been by far one of the most informed cable industry executives I have had the pleasure of working with. He has shown the highest level of expertise and integrity. I would absolutely recommend Bryan for any type of cable industry consulting."

Mark Schneider, CEO, City Cable Services